Pint-sized pugilist: Watch this amazing 5-year-old boxing prodigy from Kazakhstan

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

Pity the fool who tries to take this kid’s lunch money.

Video of a young Kazakhstani boxing prodigy has gone viral – a feat all the more impressive considering the prodigy in question appears to be a pint-sized elementary school-aged girl.

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Though her name remains unknown, the girl’s lightening-fast moves have now been seen by more than 1.3 million people ever since footage of “The Fastest Girl in Kazakhstan” was uploaded by a YouTube user named Рустам Садвакасов (any Cyrillic alphabet experts out there want to help out with that one?)

Throughout the 1:42 clip, the girl displays an uncanny focus, agility, coordination and speed that could school boxers three times her age.

And now that women’s boxing has been introduced to the summer Olympics, with Kazakh national Marina Volnova taking home the bronze in the middleweight category this past July, expect to see this little national treasure start dominating the podium within the next decade.

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You may also want to say a little prayer for her siblings, because they will never, ever get the last piece of cake for as long as they live at home.