Pizza beer being made by Tom, Athena Seefurth near Chicago

Lindsay Jolivet
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An Illinois couple is gaining traction with a product that might turn your stomach less than pizza perfume — it's pizza beer.

Tom and Athena Seefurth of Campton Township, IL, outside of Chicago, are marketing Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer with some success after an experiment in their home brewery.

"It all started with a surplus of tomatoes," the website says.  The Seefurths saw garlic, basil and oregano and they thought beer.

They say the plan was to invent a beer that would pair nicely with pizza but in the end, they ended up with one that almost was pizza.

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The website says the process involved steeping ingredients of Margarita pizza like tea before filtering the flavours into the brew pot.

It sounds bizarre, but the Seefurths have realized their crazy idea might just be working. CNBC reported demand has exceeded the capacity of the home brewery and Sprecher Brewing has cut a deal with the couple to distribute more.

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Reviews vary, but it's certainly getting attention. Gordon Ramsey presented a Mamma Mia! beer to a local British TV anchor for review on television, but then she called it disgusting.

Several reviewers in an inexpert taste-test by AV Club staff concluded that it's not as bad as it sounds and the pizza taste is subtle but interesting.

Though some complained the smell was gag-worthy and another said, "I'd rather just have a beer-flavored beer."

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