Pizza joint offers discount to gun-toting customers

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

There's a pizza shop in Virginia that isn't worried about a robbery.

The owner of All Around Pizza & Deli, Jay Laze, might not even flinch if someone tried to steal a pizza from his restaurant, namely because the place has been chock full of gun-toting customers lately, according to the Associated Press.

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Laze has been building up a loyal customer base by offering a 15 per cent discount to anyone who carries a gun or anyone who can present a concealed weapons permit, according to the restaurant's website. The owner told AP the response has been "overwhelming."

Laze said he started the promotion because he owns a firearm and supports gun rights. Many of his customers do, too, apparently, as he said about 80 per cent of them have been bringing guns into the restaurant.

One person brought an AK-47, he told the Associated Press. The restaurant has extended the deal until the end of March.

The result, in that case, must be the most well-guarded pizza joint in Virginia, full of armed customers with an interest in protecting the venue that's offering them cheap food.

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Thieves, a warning — don't mess with pizza lovers carrying guns.