Pope Francis accidentally drops the F-bomb during sermon

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The pope said the F-word. OMG.

Oh c'mon, we've all done it!

Many of us can admit we have made the unfortunate mistake of messing up our words. Sometimes our tongues get tied resulting in inaudible word vomit, sometimes resulting in a more derogatory manner. The Pope was caught in a recent unholy slip-up, himself. The difference? Our slip of the tongue doesn’t make headlines.

While giving his weekly blessing from the Vatican on Sunday, Pope Francis accidentally said the F-word in his prayer. While his native tongue is Spanish, Pope Francis gave the prayer in Italian, which may have hindered his sinful slip of the tongue.

Even though Pope Francis caught his mistake and made the correction immediately, that didn’t stop the media frenzy. Within seconds it was posted to dozens of media outlets and went viral on YouTube.

During his blessing, Pope Francis had meant to say “caso” which means “case” or “example” but instead he said “cazzo”, which shockingly enough, means ... yep, you guessed it. Officially, the ultimate hand-over-mouth scenario.

Pope Francis was urging a peaceful solution for the crisis in the Ukraine during his sermon in St. Peter’s Square when he made the mistake.

Sorry Pope Francis, but that’ll cost you 3,000 ‘Our Father’s’ and you better toss in a handful of Hail Mary’s for this little slip-up.

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