Psychotic Nicolas Cage photo makes for a perfect cover letter

Thomas Bink
Daily Buzz

We're not sure if it's legit or not, but if it is, this is the best cover letter ever.

When inquiring for a job with York University, Vanessa Hojda accidentally attached a photo of a psychotic Nicholas Cage instead of her resume and cover letter, as intended.

Upon realizing the mistake, Vanessa posted a screengrab of the e-mail to her tumblr account:

"I accidently sent my potential future boss a picture of Nic Cage rather than my cover letter+resume, which was a zip file titled with a bunch of numbers like the jpg I accidentally attached oh my god"

Look, we don't have any pull with York University and we aren't looking for an administrative assistant, but if we did, Vanessa would get the job hands-down. Throw in a passable Christopher Walken imitation and she could be up for a promotion.