Raccoon steals a wallet and the spotlight at sea turtle’s release

A raccoon snatches a woman`s wallet while volunteers release a sea turtle back into the Gulf.

It was Tampa Red the sea turtle's big moment this week, as the rescuers who saved her life sent her off into the Gulf of Mexico to live free again.

But a rascally raccoon became the burglar that stole the attention, according to CNN.

Fans of the sea turtle treated at the Florida Aquarium for injuries from red tide went to a beach in Fort Myers, Florida on Monday to say goodbye to Tampa Red.

The Sea Turtle Conservancy fitted her with a transmitter that will track her movements around the water.

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However, a raccoon with its eye on a pink wallet used the distraction for its petty theft. Danielle Araica told CNN the raccoon nicked her wallet and ran off into the bushes.

The raccoon eventually dropped the wallet and a boy recovered it for Araica, according to CNN. The suspect is still on the loose, reportedly wearing a mask fit for a bandit.

Raccoons tend to steal food, but it seems this burglar was after the means to pay for its own dinner.

Before long these troublemakers will be slinking away on power lines to escape the scenes of their mischief. Unless they're already doing that in Toronto.

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