Rachel Held Evans spends year living according to the Bible, literally

She did it for her new book titled A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Blogger Rachel Held Evans spent one year living life according to all of the Bible's instructions on how a woman is supposed to act.

Before embarking on the journey she couldn't sew a button on a shirt, but learned to make her own clothing. She also grew out her hair, called her husband "master", slept in a tent during her menstruation periods, covered her head, remained silent in church and observed the Jewish holidays.

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The 31-year-old Tennessee author, who is a devout, liberated Christian, has documented her experience in a book that will be released at the end of the month titled A Year of Biblical Womanhood.

"Some of these experiences were funny (in deference to Proverbs 31:23, I literally praised my husband at the city gate with a homemade sign), others were rewarding (I learned a lot about contemplative prayer when I visited a Benedictine monastery one month), and others were terrible (I ordered and cared for a computerized baby named Chip, and he was a nightmare)," she said in an interview with Gypsyink.com.

The laws came from Leviticus purity laws in the Old Testament and passages from the New Testament.

She told the Chattanooga Times Free Press the worst part was not cutting her hair.

"I know it's trite and vain...I know it's supposed to be a woman's glory to have long hair, but my hair was not made to be long," she said.

She also said her and her husband Dan were "very weirded out" by her calling him "master" for a week.

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Evans also writes a blog that has an audience of thousands. She debuted the blog in 2008 to promote her first book about faith and fundamentalism.

She told Gypsyink.com the point to her second book is to show that no one is truly practicing "biblical womanhood."

"True feminism is celebrating the very best gifts of women and how they use them," she said to the Times Free Press. "If that's what's best for them and their family, I applaud them. I think that honours God."

Evans hopes her book shows people there are many definitions of faith and of a woman.

"My hope is that the book will help liberate women from the notion that there is just one right way to be a woman of faith," she told Gypsyink.com. "It's not about sticking to a list of rules or roles; it's about living with character."

While much of the sales of the book are expected to be at Christian bookstores, one of the largest chains in the U.S., LifeWay, won't carry the book because of the word "vagina."

When she mentioned it on her blog that her editor suggested removing the word, her audience was outraged. According to Slate, she considered dropping the word, but ultimately decided to leave it in.

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