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Recent graduate Jamie Fox takes job as human scarecrow

The 22-year-old earns minimum wage, but says the job comes with lots of benefits

When most people go to university they dream of high-paying jobs with corner offices and nice perks like fancy meals, but that usually isn't the case as one British graduate is realizing.

Jamie Fox finished his degree in music and English from Bangor University this past summer and now works as a human scarecrow. While it may not seem like the best job, he can definitely say he is outstanding in his field. And despite his anything-but-glamorous occupation and his friends writing a song making fun of him, Fox says he likes the job.

"This is much better than being at home on unemployment benefit," he said to the Guardian.

The farmer Fox works for used to have his field devastated by partridges who forced the plants to die. He tried fake scarecrows, but they didn't do a good job of scaring off the birds. So he learned the best way was to walk down the field and push them off.

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Now for about $400 a week Fox puts on a bright orange suit and occasionally walks the fields ringing a cowbell to scare off the birds during his 8-hour shift.

But what Fox really seems to get from the job is extra time.

"The farmer said to me, 'Bring a deckchair and a good book'," Fox said in a Oddity Central article. So the aspiring musician brought a book, his ukulele and some music.

"If I'm reading a book or playing an instrument, time passes and there are moments that are fantastic," he told the Guardian. Fox is also learning to play the concertina and spends time doing Sudoku.

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Since the story was reported by a local outlet, it has gone viral and Fox now takes calls from all around the world. His job is also making his friends jealous.

"A couple of my friends in busier, more generously-paid jobs are slightly envious," he said in an Oddity Central article.

In addition to the job being fun for Fox, he doesn't have to join the ranks of the unemployed. While unemployment worldwide is relatively high, it is especially a problem among recent graduates. Youth unemployment is near 13 per cent worldwide and at more than 12 per cent in Canada.

Unfortunately for Fox the job only lasts for three weeks so he'll be back to looking for work after it ends. He is hoping to find a job in the music industry.

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