Rob Ford countdown clock tracks mayor’s departure – to the second

Thomas Bink
Daily Buzz

If you're wondering exactly when Rob Ford is to be removed from his position as mayor of Toronto, cartoonist Keith Grachow has the answer for you.

The intrepid illustrator has set up, a site that counts down — to the second — what could be Rob Ford's final two weeks in office.

On Monday, Ford was found guilty of conflict of interest for improperly participating in a debate whether he should repay $3,150 in questionable donations he collected for his personal football charity in 2010, while he was still a city councillor.

Justice Charles Hackland gave Ford 14 days to vacate his seat, and the beleaguered mayor has vowed to appeal the decision. But until then, the seconds just keep ticking away.

No word yet on whether there will be audio of a horn, bell or rousing applause when the clock hits zero.