Rob Ford one-of-a-kind T-shirt price skyrocketing on eBay

The shirt features the Toronto mayor driving, talking on his phone and flipping the bird

While Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does have his fans, there also seem to be a lot of people who don't like the man. And we're guessing it's those people who are driving up the price of a new eBay item.

It's a T-shirt that reads "Welcome to Toronto" and has a caricature of Ford sitting in a vehicle while talking on his cell phone and holding up his middle finger at someone outside of the car.

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The image is in reference to an incident last July when a woman was driving with her daughter and saw the mayor driving and talking on his phone. When the woman yelled at him to get off his phone, he apparently flipped her the bird. She wrote she could also see him swearing through the window.

Ford was also caught driving and talking on his phone by woman in October.

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"How do you top a RARE, one of a kind collectible caricature of Toronto's affable Rob Ford?" reads the eBay description. "Get Margaret Atwood to sign it!"

Atwood signed the T-shirt to help raise money for Fanado, a mobile app that lets fans interact with their heroes through their smartphones. She is listed as Fanado's co-founder.

The description also promises that the T-shirt is guaranteed to be the envy of all of your friends.

But this T-shirt doesn't come cheap. While the starting price was $25, it quickly rose with dozens of bids in the first few hours. The auction will end July 26.

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