Rob Lowe tweets he was trapped in a ‘hellhole’ in Winnipeg

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Hollywood hotshot Rob Lowe has been in Winnipeg shooting a made-for-TV movie and apparently isn't liking it.

On Tuesday night he was watching the NBA championship finals when the TV station interrupted the game to cover a municipal election. Lowe tweeted he was "trapped in a hell hole."

The Twitterverse didn't take lightly to this with people shooting back calling Lowe a jerk, a schmuck and other names. One person used the term hellhole to refer to his career because he is shooting a made-for-TV movie.

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The only problem is Lowe's tweet may have only been partially accurate. There were no municipal elections going on in Manitoba Tuesday so he may have been watching a U.S. station in North Dakota.

Apparently people who follow Lowe think Winnipeg is the same town as Pawnee, Indiana. The small town on the show Parks and Recreation, which features Lowe. People responded to his tweet saying "Welcome to Pawnee" and asking if there "was a candidate as good as Leslie Knope?" Knope is the character played by Amy Poehler.

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Although it's unclear if Lowe was referring to the city or the sports bar. When someone tweeted him to say he should have watched the game on TSN because it was shown uninterupted, Lowe wrote back thanking the Winnipeg Jets fan and saying he'll look for a better sports bar next time. And maybe he's liking Winnipeg more. Lowe also tweeted he was going to a Goldeyes game, the local minor-league baseball team.

He's in Winnipeg shooting a movie about Casey Anthony, the Florida mother who was acquitted in the death of her young daughter.

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