Russian man claims that coming apocalypse means he doesn’t have to pay traffic ticket

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

Ask a traffic cop to reel off a list of driver excuses and you're likely to hear some real gems — everything from bathroom emergencies and melting ice cream to time-sensitive fertility clinic deliveries.

But one man in western Siberia has upped the excuse ante to apocalyptic proportion.

As Ria Novosti reports, the unnamed Kemerovo resident refuses to pay a $32 ticket he received in a minor car accident this summer because the approaching end of the world renders the fine futile.

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In fact, he's so convinced of the logic behind his argument, the man has come to the courthouse each day with a series of graphs, charts and a 10-page document detailing his "proof" that we're all about to perish in some sort of predestined catastrophe. (Although one Huffington Post commenter observantly pointed out that by that very same logic there's no point in not paying the fine either.)

His predictions are not with out hope, however. Like a scene straight out of The Day the Earth Stood Still, UPI notes that the man has told debt-collectors humankind can be saved "if people are kinder to each other and forgive each other's debts."

Beginning, of course, with his traffic ticket. Kemerovo traffic court, the survival of the planet depends on you.