Russian woman decorates home with 30,000 bottle caps

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Olga Kostina has put more than 30,000 plastic caps on her house in colourful mosaics

A retired Russian woman has found a way to liven up her simple wooden house in a rural part of the county.

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Olga Kostina makes colourful mosaics on the outside walls of her house entirely out of plastic bottle caps.

She lives in the Siberian taiga, which is known for its natural beauty but also has a population density of about three people per square kilometre. So to pass the time, Kostina started collecting bottle caps and when she has enough she starts decorating.

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She has placed all of the 30,000 plus caps on the walls by herself using a hammer and nails. She uses a technique known as macrame to create the intricate patterns and plans to keep going until all the walls of her house and other structures are covered.

(Reuters photos)