Sam the cat appears to have eyebrows, becomes an Internet sensation

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Sam the cat is concerned about his new found Internet fame.

He's concerned about everything, in fact, because he has two black markings above his eyes that resemble human eyebrows angled upward in an expression of constant worry.

It's okay, Sam, the world loves you. This cat has gathered thousands of followers on Instagram since his owner began posting pictures of him showing off his unusual look. He's been featured on the Today Show and on People magazine's website among other media outlets.

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Sam finds his sudden rise to fame just as perplexing as you do.

He even has his own website with a shop that sells posters, greeting cards and t-shirts. The site says a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Empty Cages Collective, a Brooklyn, New York animal rescue organization.

Sam himself was rescued by the owner who sparked his online fame. According to the website, one day the cat turned up outside the house that has become his loving home. His previous owners had apparently abandoned him.

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A lively Instagram and Twitter stream shows Sam posing in various situations.

I imagine Sam's response to all the fuss is something like, "Oh dear!"