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See Chris Hadfield parody himself in ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Movember’


Chris Hadfield might have needed some time to adjust to life back on Earth, but the Canadian astronaut has one attribute that bristles in zero gravity and on solid ground: a prize-winning moustache.

The former commander of the International Space Station, who returned to Earth in May, has uploaded a video in which he lampoons himself as a bumbling earthling.

"An Astronaut's Guide to Movember" shows Hadfield pretending to record his signature demonstration videos back on earth, pouring cereal, folding laundry and throwing a ball, and marveling at how gravity makes everything drop. But then, his son enters the video to tell Hadfield the Movember campaign wants him to appear in a video.

"How many hits do you think this will get?" Hadfield says as the campaign closes. Well, so far it has nearly 281,000.

Funny enough, a group of jokers has already parodied Hadfield's space videos — even copying his moustache — showing dull reenactments of his zero gravity clips as "Hadfield at Home" demonstrations that received thousands of views.

Hadfield's videos from the International Space Station showing how to cook, clean and even clip his toenails in space made him an international celebrity, even generating his own "Chris Hadfield won't eat his cereal" meme.


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