See the world through a dog’s eyes

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Chase the dog plays fetch with a video camera attached to his collar.

The world looks different from a dog's perspective.

To prove it, a YouTube user under the name David Alpert attached a GoPro camera to a dog named Chase as he swam in the pool, retrieved a tennis ball and shook all that water out of his fur.

As for insights about life as a dog, Chase demonstrates the proper performance of doggy paddle, one swatting paw at a time. His owner also looks like a giant. A nice, tennis ball-wielding giant. Throw it again!

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GoPro cameras are useful for filming stunts, such as a recent world record-breaking skydive. However, they have also become popular for filming the everyday from a new perspective. For example, how does a musician look from the perspective of a trombone while it's being played? Silly, that's how.

Thanks to another YouTube user, Dimundz, you can take a GoPro virtual ride through Toronto on a bicycle.