Sharks in flooded Union Station image goes viral as Kuwait shark tank collapse

The Photoshopped image from a few weeks ago by Jamie King went viral for a fake event on the other side of the world

If you recently saw a photo claiming to be of sharks swimming in the Kuwait Scientific Center after the tank collapsed and thought it looked familiar, you'd be right.

The image is actually of escalators near Union Station in the underground PATH system in Toronto. It's filled with water because the picture was taken during the flood of the station on June 1.

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Jamie King, described on Twitter as being a lover of hockey, hilarity and advertising, Photoshopped in the sharks and tweeted the image on June 1 writing "Sharks spotted circling in flooded Union Station."

Now, more than two weeks later, the image has gone viral and has people amazed and scared. The rumour was a giant shark tank collapsed and filled the ground floor of the Kuwait Scientific Center with several feet of water and some sharks.

"I guess the pic is a good rep. of what a collapsed shark tank would look like. I don't know Luckily, I've never seen one!" wrote King when asked about the Photoshopping job over Twitter. "The shark photo is a hoax. I made it as a joke, in response to the flooding at Union Station in Toronto."

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"The trick to making good images is to make the viewer question its reality because it looks real and natural," King said to Grind TV.

The shark image wasn't the only photo modified after the Union Station flood. Others included an image of Mayor Rob Ford cannonballing into the water, Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater from Titanic wading through the water, and Moses looking like he is going to part it.

(Photo courtesy of Jamie King on Twitter)