Single dad gets the cool family photos he’s always wanted for the holidays

(Mike Allen)

Forget the traditional holiday family portraits, this single dad is “embracing single-parenthood” by getting some cool family photos for Christmas.

Mike Allen from Utah took a new and creative approach to this year’s family pictures with his two daughters, Bentley and Stella, Mashable reports.

The trio can be seen in the “80s-style ski fashion” photo shared on Imgur by Allen, sporting cool shades along with some winter gear, and one of the daughters even has her hair crimped.

“The girls love skiing and I love the 80s,” Allen told BuzzFeed. “I see family pictures all the time and I just thought it would be fun to mix it up and do something different.”

Since divorcing nearly three years ago, Allen has been sharing custody of his two daughters and loves “being involved as much as I can and exposing them to different types of activities” that they can all enjoy, he told BuzzFeed.

For this amazing shoot, Allen got some help from ‘Faces Photography’ where the full set of photos can be viewed, Mashable reports.

As for his favourite photo, Allen told BuzzFeed the close-ups of the girls without the ski gear is his top pick.