Slacklining daredevil Faith Dickey walks between moving trucks

She had to walk quickly as the trucks were heading toward separate tunnels

Daredevil Nik Wallenda battled mist, the roar of the falls and Canadian border agents when he tightrope walked across Niagara Falls in June. And while the rope was twisting, moving up and down and side to side, the ends were still saying in the same spot.

Highwire walker Faith Dickey, 23, didn't have that luxury. She also didn't have the option of taking her time. Dickey teamed up with automaker Volvo and Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero to walk a rope between two moving trucks as they sped toward seperate tunnels. She didn't have a balance bar, the looseness of the line changed and if she didn't get to the other side in time, she would splat into the side of the mountain.

"I've highlined much higher than this before. I've highlined on longer lines and I've highlined in harsher winds. But I've never slacklined moving forward before," she says in the video, which has been viewed more than two million times since being uploaded Wednesday. "I have to walk along the line before they come to the tunnel, because basically if I don't finish walking across the line the mid part between the tunnel will hit the line, it'll pop and I'll fall."

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A Croatian doctor was on site in case something happened and when asked about the stunt all she said was, "It's crazy."

When she first tried to hop on the nylon rope as the trucks were moving, she immediately fell, but quickly hugged the rope and swung herself back up and then slowly started to walk. A camera on the one truck shows just how much the line is moving as the trucks hit about 80 km/h.

For a moment it doesn't look like Dickey is going to make it to the other truck, but at the last second she jumps from the line and crouches down on the roof of the truck as it goes through the tunnel.

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What Dickey is doing in this stunt is called slacklining. Unlike tightrope walkers such as Wallenda, this technique uses a looser rope that is sometimes made of nylon. Highlining is a version of slacklining that is done higher above the ground. Dickey currently holds world records of highlining length at 81 metres and height at 1,219 metres, when she walked over a valley in the Swiss Alps.

The stunt, which was filmed on a closed off Croatian highway, was supposed to show the precise handling of the new Volvo trucks.