Snuffles the double-nosed pup can’t seem to find a home

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Just look at that face … and no, it’s not your eyes. This poor pup in Scotland really does have two noses.

The congenital defect in this Belgian Shepherd’s nose is likely the reason he is homeless. Is there no one who can love a face like his?

Snuffles, a five-month-old, doubled-nosed pooch, is having trouble finding a permanent home, most likely because he’s “ugly.”

If “ugly” means “adorable” for the day, then yes, this little guy is all kinds of hideous.

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“He is an affectionate, energetic, fun-loving boy who adores his caregivers,” says the Dogs Trust center manager, Sandra Lawton.

The Dogs Trust in Glasgow said that Snuffles was all set to go and live with a new family in East Lothian when suddenly the arrangement “didn’t work out”. At just five months old, this poor puppy has already had four different owners.

According to the Daily Record, staff at the Dogs Trust in Glasgow fear people are put off by his strange appearance caused by a rare birth defect. Veterinarian Angela McAllister says, “I have never seen the condition in my 20-year career.”

Fortunately, the nose does not cause Snuffles any problems, health-wise. Apparently, it’s just aesthetically unpleasing to us perfect humans.

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“It is such a shame to think that this sweet-natured lad may not find the loving home he deserves just because he may not be considered a pretty pooch,” says Lawton.

Someone adopt this little cutie already, his poor little eyes are making my heart melt … I’m not even looking at his nose anymore.

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