Soap bubbles blanket streets of Tokyo, Japan

What happens when you pour 40 liters of body soap down the drain? You make an instant foam party for your entire community whether you wanted to or not. Find out what happened in Japan.

A frothy mess has turned the streets of Tokyo, Japan into a bubble party after someone poured 40 litres of body soap into a drain.

Rocket News 24 writes that an employee at a commercial production company poured the soap down the drain on the 13th floor of an office building, perhaps under the impression the sidewalk was in need of a good scrubbing. Pictures show a blanket of white foam covering the area around the Sumitomo Shiodome Building in Ginza district, looking like a sheet of snow.

The soap apparently overwhelmed the city's sewer system and bubbled out of drains like a bubble bath monster on a mission to destroy dirt.

Well, that's one way to clean up the city.

A YouTube video shows police officers and firefighters working to clean up the soap as pedestrians tread carefully through the foam.

In another video, a drain gurgles more soap bubbles into the pile of overflow.

Authorities told the public the soap wasn't dangerous, according to Rocket News 24. The news outlet notes that oozing streets happened once before this year in May, when a gooey blob emerged on a street in Nanjing, China.

The unidentified foam didn't smell as nice as body soap and it didn't take long for the Ghostbusters slime jokes to start.

Media speculated the substance may have originated from road construction projects.

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