Software company behind ‘Legend Tracker’ game promotes Sasquatch videos

There's a mystery lurking in the woods of British Columbia. A hairy beast skulking between trees, feeding the imaginations of hikers in search of legendary monsters.

Intriguing videos suggest we don't know everything about the animals living in Mission, B.C. But the answers might lie in the offices of a software company that makes a Sasquatch game.

Two videos of claimed Sasquatch sightings have circulated online this week, both identified as footage from excursions in the B.C. wilderness. They were submissions to the company PlayMobility, which created Legend Tracker, a game based on searches for mythical creatures.

The first video, uploaded on Jul 18., shows tourists filming a figure in the woods.

"This video was provided by a person touring Mission BC, who asked to stay anonymous. This is one of the videos they captured that definitely looks like evidence that there is a real live Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, in the hills of Mission BC," the description says.

The second sighting, also in Mission, was filmed by a couple hiking on a logging road, according to the description.

"Even though they were a fair distance away they were still able to zoom in enough to see something standing upright. Bear? Man? Something else?" the description says.

But some are seeing a monkey suit and a viral marketing campaign for PlayMobility's game, conveniently tied to anonymous videos.

Then again, Sasquatch did have an appointment with a real estate agent in Mission last fall, according to this goofy PlayMobility marketing video.

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