Soori the meerkat is sleepy and adorable

Soori the meerkat tries his best to avoid falling asleep, but the little guy just can't keep his head up. So cute!

Hakuna Matata might be a worry free philosophy but it sure can make a meerkat sleepy.

Ask Soori the meerkat, who lives with her friends Timone and Rafiki in the UK at Oreo and Friends Animal Encounters. All that worry-free living has Soori ready to fall asleep while sitting upright.

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The meerkat slowly falls backward, like a child dozing off accidentally during dinner, then pops back up and struggles to keep its eyes open for a few minutes longer.

Judging from Oreo and Friends' other meerkat videos, Soori probably doesn't want to miss any mischief that might arise during nap time.

The meerkats are part of an eclectic mix of creatures that started with the rescue of a baby raccoon named Oreo. Oreo was a sickly raccoon with a mother that didn't produce any milk and his chances of survival were tiny, according to the website.

But after hand rearing, he turned out healthy. Now Oreo has friends of many kinds, including skunks, armadillos and opossums.

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Oreo also has a Facebook profile and he became a famous raccoon on ITV a couple of years ago. However, it looks like sleepy Soori is stealing the spotlight today.

Go ahead and have a nap, Soori, you'll still be famous when you wake up.

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