Southwest pilot sends cabin into panic after fun announcement

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

A pilot caused momentary panic on board a flight after wishing happy birthday to the mother of an air traffic controller.

The problem was he said there was a "mom on board" and many people on the flight thought he said there was a "bomb on board."

According to the New York Daily News, many of the passengers on the Southwest flight between Baltimore and Long Island went into a panic when they heard the word "bomb".

Airline staff rushed to reassure passengers that there was indeed no bomb and the pilot got back on the loud speaker to clarify.

"He did clarify with the passengers that he was wishing the mother on board a happy birthday," said Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandi King to WCBS 880.

Even though it all seems to be a miscommunication, two passengers were upset by the message and complained to security officials after the flight landed in Long Island. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

This isn't the first time a Southwest pilot has had trouble with the announcement system. Last summer a pilot didn't know his microphone was turned on and went on rant criticizing homosexuals, overweight people and the elderly.

According to CBS, making personal announcements isn't grounds for firing an employee, but officials say staff may need a reminder of what is considered an appropriate announcement.

(Reuters photo)