Stephen Colbert mocks Quebec cardinal as being ‘too polite’ to be pope

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Stephen Colbert has taken another jab Canadians, and like always, we're lapping up the attention.

When the late-night pundit recently called Windsor Earth's rectum, Canadian media quickly picked up on the joke and Windsor reacted by inviting him to lead a parade, according to the Windsor Star. Residents seemed unsure whether they wanted to defend the city or embrace its new anal image.

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This week, Colbert mocked Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Canadian in contention to replace Pope Benedict when he resigns at the end of February.

A Canadian for pope? He would be too polite, says Colbert, and he might replace the golden staff with a Team Canada hockey stick.

The joke that Cardinal Ouellet might add 'eh' to the end of his public declarations is lame, sure, but if prodded, Colbert might be tempted to rehash some of his past complaints about Canada. For example, his description of Great White Northerners as 'syrup suckers' and 'ice holes.'

Cardinal Ouellet wasn't the only religious leader on Colbert's radar on Monday. The comedian also mentioned several others, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who he described as "a BFF" meaning 'Bishop Friend Forever.'

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There's nothing like comedians acting like teenage girls with prominent members of the Catholic church.