Energy drink stolen from office fridge sparks epic offline meme battle

(Photo: Imgur/@Daddin)

If you’ve ever had your lunch stolen at the office, you’ll surely sympathize with this rather disgruntled employee.

After an energy drink was swiped from the office fridge, the anonymous employee did what many of us would do: leave a strongly worded note on the fridge to warn potential office thieves that you mean business.

But as you’ll soon learn, such a note better be written carefully, because if it includes accusing the thief of being “EXTREMELY RUDE” while professing he or she is “most likely the sole reason we have wars,” you are very likely to get trolled with memes, even if the letter was written offline.

If you’re not familiar with memes, congratulations! You’ve spent less time on the internet than most! Memes are pictures or phrases which contain an idea or opinion which permeate through society based on cultural trends and similarities.

If you weren’t familiar before, this rather unoriginal bunch of paper-wasting employees will bring you up to speed, using some of the more popular memes of the last couple of years to ridicule the owner of the lost energy drink.

One employee decides this spectacle has lasted long enough, trying to plead with the masses that this is indeed a serious situation.

Which of course lead to another meme-trail of wasted office supplies.

I feel for the employees that have to deal with such a terrible work environment, and if I was ever put in this situation, I’d probably be this guy.