How to survive the apocalypse: Impenetrable pods, underground silos and mountain refuges

The world is ending on Friday and the time for panic is over. We must prepare.

The world's biggest believers in the Mayan apocalypse have been preparing for years, some of then earning the title 'doomsday entrepreneurs' because of their money-making schemes for surviving after the world is destroyed by a comet, another planet, or the "total triumph of K-Pop," as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard would have you believe.

A Chinese man has built seven pods he says are impenetrable by water, fire, and ice. The giant balls barely budge when backed into with a truck and they can supposedly keep up to 30 people safe for two months at a time. At least one of them also comes complete with floral wallpaper.

If rolling around in a steel ping pong ball isn't your thing, survive in style with a luxury condo. A developer named Larry Hall has built underground silos in Kansas that are split up into condos complete with a movie theatre and fake windows that simulate a view of the outdoors, according to the website.

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Those seeking refuge will have to be wealthy, because a 1/2 floor unit costs $1.5 million and a full-floor costs double. The first silo is already sold out, according to the website, and Hall won't have the second silo built in time for this apocalypse.

A Belgian author named Patrick Geryl is taking the opposite approach. He told the CBC that anyone underground will die, so he's building a community on the highest mountain in Spain.

A group in New South Wales is also taking the high ground. They're charging $5,000 for access to a survival bunker that's 1.2 kilometers above sea level.

Hollywood hasn't missed out on the action, either. The man who built the survival pods told Agence France-Presse he was inspired by the film 2012. Of course, there are countless end of the world films and more to come.

Chinese authorities have detained 93 people for spreading rumours about the end of the world. They've also arrested one man for hurting several children because he was "psychologically affected" by the rumours, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile NASA is busy kicking and screaming for everyone to listen and stop being ridiculous. They've already released a video entitled, Why the World Didn't End Yesterday.

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The only people who aren't panicking, making money, or really doing anything at all are the Mayans, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

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