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Swears, mix-ups mark an embarrassing week in broadcasting

It's a rough week to be a broadcaster.

Television and radio personalities landed near the bottom of the list, at position 184 of 200, of Career Cast's rankings of the best jobs in America, which were based on work environment, stress, pay and hiring outlook. We might have a new consideration: prospect of public embarrassment.

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For a few anchors this week, the cameras and microphones made all the difference as they bumbled their way into broadcasting troubles.

A new anchor on NBC news in North Dakota made a dazzling first impression when he opened his first newscast, on his first day, by mumbling swear words with his head down.

His co-anchor introduced him anyway and try as he might to recover from the mistake, A.J. Clemente was fired. Though he did land himself an appearance on the Today Show.

Another whoopsie of the news world involved a radio host in Kelowna, B.C., who admitted she was writing press releases for the local political candidate representing the Liberal party, which is a conflict of interest with her job.

McLeod didn't appear to see the problem, reported CBC. The radio station promptly took her off the air, according to the story, which probably helped her understand.

Meanwhile, a Puerto Rican news anchor, apparently unaware he was live, tripped over a word and began doing voice exercises on air.

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There will be no doubting his dedication to articulating the news from now on. And he certainly can roll his "R"s.

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