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Swedish inmate breaks out of prison, turns himself in after dentist appointment

Sometimes a toothache just can't wait.

A 51-year-old Swedish inmate recently broke out of prison — so he could go to the dentist.

The man, who was serving a one-month sentence at the minimum-security Östragård facility in the municipality of Väners­borg, Sweden, had been complaining of severe tooth pain for four days and had received no medical care.

"My whole face was swollen. I just couldn't stand it any more," the man told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper (DN), according to a translation by the Local.

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The man "bolted" from prison — "minimum security" was probably an understatement, as officials were unable to locate him even though he was wearing an electronic tag — and had the inflamed tooth pulled. He then turned himself into police.

Prison officials extended his sentence by just 24 hours for his little excursion, discounting his day at the dentist from his time served.

The man has since been released, and is happy to be free from tooth pain.

"Now I only have to pay the dentist bill," he told the Swedish newspaper.

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