Talk Menu helps couples replace screen time with conversation topics

The Daily Buzz

[The Talk Menu, image via Tumblr]

A new dinner ‘menu’ is hoping to spark interesting conversations between couples who spend too much time on their phones.

The Talk Menu features options like starters, main courses, specials and desserts but instead of food choices under each category, the re-vamped menu consists of suggested topics to talk about.

[The Talk Menu, image via Tumblr]

For starters to ease your way into a conversation, the menu offers “make a compliment” or “tell a funny story about your dog.”

For the main course, the menu even includes ratings like the “spicy topics” for a conversation about your honeymoon destination or you can just go with the special of the day and create “a couple’s bucket list.”

Things get a little more interesting when it comes to dessert with some playful topics and of course there’s the beverage section, which recommends the needed “alcohol level” consumption to engage in some of the topics, one being about in-laws.