Teacher gives student an A- without fully reading his hilarious exam answer

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A student had an imaginative response to an essay question on Shakespeare.

We understand the monotony that teachers have to go through in their field of work. Teaching the same lessons, marking the same quizzes, reading the same answers; it can be a little repetitive, we get it.

You have to wonder if teachers take the time to read every single word of every single question to make sure the student’s answer is correct.

Clearly one teacher didn’t feel it was necessary to read the second half of this student’s exam answer on the comparison of two Shakespearean plays, and it seems the student knows it, too. So what does he do? He shows the world just how meticulous teachers can be when correcting exams … or how frivolous they can be, I should say.

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In this case, the teacher gave the students the option to choose one of two exam questions, both pertaining to Shakespeare tragedies that they had covered in class.

The student chose option A and formed an essay-formatted answer in a shockingly well-worded manner.

You can’t deny that this kid is bright. He or she has clearly done the homework and knows what the plays are about. So, suspecting that this teacher skims over the answers given by the students, he/she decides instead to make a mockery of the test.

Upon reading the first half of the answer this student gives, maybe the teacher felt it unnecessary to read the rest. After all, in just half a paragraph, he pretty much nails the task to compare/contrast both tragedies, citing examples from both plays.

The student uses words like “prudence” and “culminating”, making it evident that this is a bright student. He or she understands that both tragedies have a recurring theme of the “consequences of rash and hastily made decisions.” Maybe that alone deserve an A?

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This is probably one of those kids that does very well in school, I mean, just look at his writing. He or she knew that the teacher probably wouldn’t take the time to read the entire answer because there’s no doubt the teacher knows the quality of this little keener’s work.

The words in the second half of the answer given by the student are quite comical, and it is evident that the teacher didn’t read any of it. If the teacher had read it thoroughly, he or she might have noticed the fact that the student is fully addressing the fact that these papers do not get read.

If that’s what it takes to earn an A-, we’ve all been doing it all wrong.

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