Teachers prank Windsor, Ontario class with fake Disney trip

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Windsor teacher pull Disney hoax on students

You're going to Disney World! Actually, that's a joke. Get it?

Parents of students at a Windsor, Ontario, public school are failing to see the humour in a prank teachers played on their 8th grade kids by announcing a fake trip to Disney World, according to the Canadian Press.

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The scheme began when a teacher at Roseland Public School thought students had been looking through his desk, according to the story. He planted a decoy, in the form of a fake brochure for the trip, to ferret out the snoopers.

Nothing moves faster than a rumour in a public school and before long, teachers said the hallways were buzzing with whispers about the supposed trip. The lesson might have ended there, but the teacher collaborated it to take it much further.

They staged a presentation announcing the trip before all of the school's 8th graders, then at the end the teachers revealed the graduation trip was actually to a bowling alley. What's more, they recorded the kids' excitement and the pang of disappointment on their faces afterward, then showed it to other students.

Parents were angry and Roseland's administration called the joke an "error in judgment." An editorial in the Windsor Star suggested that description was a gross understatement.

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The newspaper made a good point: jokes, as they're usually defined, are supposed to make you laugh.