Teen tumbles 45 feet from ski lift while trying to lob a snowball

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

File this one away in the “KIDS, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” folder.

A 17-year-old student from Albuquerque, New Mexico, thought he’d try to lob a snowball at his buddy in front of him. So far so good, right? Right.

Except the teens were on a ski chairlift more than 45 feet in the air, and when Teen #1 raised his arm to peg Teen #2, the momentum from the throw caused him to slip from the chair and dangle precariously off the bottom while hanging on for dear life.

The incident occurred Feb. 2 at Ski Santa Fe atop the area’s highest lift, the ominously named Millennium Triple Chair.

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Because sometimes there’s nothing to do in the face of impending doom except film it on your smartphone camera, an 18-second video clip shows the boy lose his grip and plummet to the snowy ground below.

And while he won’t be winning any Boy Scout badges for survival instincts, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports that the boy miraculously survived and is now “home” and “fine” despite a “concussion, skull fracture, collapsed lung and a lacerated liver.”

He may be grounded from throwing snowballs for life, however.

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