Teens find secret entrance, staircase behind bedroom bookcase

Secret staircases, hidden doors and an unwelcome guest in the walls.

A 15-year-old has posted a series of photos online showing a haunting discovery in his house, the likes of which you would only expect to see in a horror film.

A user of the photo sharing website Imgur, identified only with the username TwoBiteBrownie, began the spooky post with a photo of a bookshelf that appears to be installed into the wall of a bedroom. In the next photo, however, the bookshelf is swung open, like a secret entrance in a manor from a Gothic novel, to reveal a staircase.

TwoBiteBrownie wrote that he descended the stairs with his little brother. Here's what happened next:

At the bottom, the stairs led into a wall. Seemingly pointless, right? Nope. This crawlspace was about halfway down. It looked empty, but if you crawled in...

What they found when they crawled in, according to the poster, was a hideout with sheets, some of the 15-year-old's recently acquired Halloween candy and — for an added note of terror — two plastic dolls. Their conclusion? Someone must be living in the wall. But could it be true?

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The teen sharing the story wrote in a follow-up post that his family left the house and police searched the hidden crawl space for signs of a resident and removed the mysterious belongings. The poster wrote he didn't want to reveal the family's location to the public.

"They have told us that the person was only living there temporarily," the user wrote. "Apparently, he would come in for periods of time, then leave for a while."

Understandably, there are many skeptical comments on the story, with questions about how a secret tenant could have gotten in and out of the house undetected, through one of the family's bedrooms, and how anyone would discover the hideaway in the first place.

There have been confirmed cases of bizarre things, and even people, turning up behind walls. In one 2009 case, six-year-old Ricky Chekevdia was discovered hidden within a wall of his grandmother's house, where he lived off and on for two years.