Texas man faked abduction to go partying

Escapee ran from a Texas courthouse, tried to carjack a driver, and then steal two patrol cars. Linda So reports.

A Texas man chose to deceive the law and his wife when he faked his own kidnapping to escape the house for a night of partying. And now he must contend with both.

Masked, armed men reportedly dragged 34-year-old Rogelio Andaverde from his home in Edinburg, TX, on Oct. 1, as his wife watched in horror. Maria Hernandez called police and spent five hours with investigators, according to Fox News Latino, while police sent out a search party and helicopter to find him.

The story became suspicious when Andaverde traipsed back into his home the next day, telling his wife that his captors — violent only hours before — had released him without hurting him or taking anything.

The county sheriff, Lupe Treviño, told the Monitor it seemed absurd that a man with no criminal history would be dragged from his home at gunpoint, then returned without a ransom call, or even a peep.

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As it turns out, his kidnappers may have been too busy tossing back beers with their victim to carry out any criminal plots. When police investigated, Andaverde admitted to staging the abduction, using his friends as the captors, to leave the house and spend a night on the town, the Monitor reported based on an affidavit.

Police charged Andaverde with making a false report to police and set bail at $5,000, according to reports.

Perhaps worse: he'll have to explain this to his wife.

"He's going to have a lot of answering to do,” Sheriff Treviño told the Monitor.

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