Texas man says he found Jesus in his tortilla

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A man in San Antonio, Texas, says he's found Jesus in a tortilla shell.

Rene Cantu says the burn marks in a tortilla shell that he keeps in a special box resemble Jesus and the snack brings him good luck on lottery games.

Cantu said he's trying to preserve the tortilla using clear glue.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time someone has found Jesus in flatbread. Texas seems to have a knack for spotting the son of God in food. A man named Ernesto Garza in Beeville, Texas saved his half-eaten breakfast taco in August 2012, after finding a burn mark resembling Jesus in its soft shell, according to KENS5.com.

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Someone in New Mexico also found Jesus on a tortilla on Ash Wednesday this past March, according to the Daily Mail. David Sandoval said he felt the mark was a sign because it appeared on a day of religious importance for the Catholic man.

A bearded face that imprinted onto a Walmart receipt gave a South Carolina couple a shock when they found the image and interpreted it as the face of Jesus, according to the Inquisitr. The Bible Belt residents asked doubters, "Who else has the power to put their face on a check-out receipt but Jesus?"

But anyone who had tried to climb a utility pole that seemed to show a crucified Jesus shaped out of a vine would have literally received a shock. A man in Denver snapped a photo of Leafy Jesus last year, as reported by ABC News.

Moving away from tortillas and leaves, two people began praying to Cheesus two years ago after they found an oddly shaped Cheeto they thought looked like someone in a robe praying, according to Metro in the U.K. They reportedly thought of selling it on eBay but decided to store it instead. No word on how moldy Cheesus has become since the discovery.

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However credible, these stories of religious messages are preferable to the tale of a woman who claimed to the Today Show in 1984 that her toaster was possessed by the Devil.

When asked why she kept it, the woman said, "when all is  said and done, it makes good toast."