Send your ex on a $3,000 Alaskan cruise through a break-up kit

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[Break-up kits available for Valentine’s Day. Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images]

It’s probably not the Valentine’s Day gift many are hoping to get but one company is helping those, who are looking to end things with their significant other with an ultimate care package to “make your life easier.” 

Vift, a new online service, helps you break-up with your Valentine with three easy steps that involve choosing a package, recording a video and then sending it.

The Break-Up Kit is “a simple tool to end it on your terms” with packages available to choose from and the option of making your personal video, which arrives at the same time as your package but through email or text.

For $50, the ‘I’m not ready to be in a profile picture with you’ package comes with a box of tissues and a three-month subscription to Netflix. The 'we’re perfect … for other people,’ package, includes a 12-month Netflix subscription, a box of tissues, a snuggie blanket, a dozen of roses and chocolate, all for $250.

The final package 'I want to grow old without you’ is quite extravagant and includes a 7-Day Alaskan Cruise for a whopping $3,200.

Looking at the bigger picture, they still get their Valentine’s day gift but you don’t have to deal “with all the ugly crying,” the company adversities on their website.