Thieves leave tell-tale trails of Gummy Bears, snacks, coins

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Police in Auckland, New Zealand, had some sweet helpers in their latest search for a car burglar — a marching trail of Gummy Bears.

According to the Fairfax NZ News, a woman called police in the morning on Friday to report someone had broken into her car. But when officers arrived, they found nothing had been stolen but a package of the jelly candies.

Police followed the trail of Gummy Bears straight to their suspect, who was asleep surrounded by his loot, apparently drunk, according to the story. The story says he was charged for damaging the car and for theft.

Canadians know firsthand that when a snack craving hits, the situation can get out of hand. The story of a high-profile BBQ chip theft by drunken students in Saanich, B.C., went viral online last year. Even the police officer at the press conference couldn't stifle his laughter for long.

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More recently, however, a 38-year-old thief in Hamilton, Ont., decided not to fall into the silly trap of leaving crumbs behind when he robbed a bakery in late March. No, instead this burglar left a trail of coins as he fled, leading to his arrest almost immediately after the crime, according to the Hamilton Spectator. He was charged after police found him with the stolen cash in hand, the newspaper reported.

Still, the tastiest example of a crime giveaway might belong to a teenager who broke open several bags of Cheetos while robbing a convenience store in South Carolina earlier this year, according to ABC news.

Police said they followed the trail of Cheetos leading straight to his hideout, where the snack was also strewn all over the parking lot and the residence, along with that distinctive orange powder.

There was no need to dust for fingerprints.

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