Thunder Bay man survives after being run over by train

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Man barely had any clearance, but luckily he didn't sit up

A Thunder Bay, Ontario man has cheated death after being run over by a train.

The man was reported as being "extremely intoxicated" and while the train woke him up, he luckily didn't sit up.

Thunder Bay Police and EMS responded late Monday night to calls of a man passed out between the train tracks at Simpson and Hardisty. According to a Thunder Bay Police statement, a 70-metre train drove over the man and he had only 30 centimetres of clearance from the front of the train. Police say the noise woke him up and when the train had completely passed over him, he crawled away.

The man was taken to hospital but had no visible injuries.

He isn't the only person to cheat death this week. Two truck drivers survived after their vehicles rolled off a snow-covered cliff in Norway and tumbled 60 metres to the river valley below. One truck was towing a second larger truck because the large truck didn't have proper snow tires for the mountain road.

The larger truck got too close to the side and tipped over the guard rail pulling the tow truck with it. The tow truck driver jumped out just in the nick of time and the larger truck driver survived the fall.