Tightrope-walking dog and skateboarding goat set Guinness World Records

The world's fastest tightrope-walking dog and its smallest donkey, KneeHi, are only two of the wacky record holders honoured in today's release of the Guinness World Records 2014 edition.

This year's record breakers are as big, tiny, fast and furry as ever, particularly the animals.

Milly the Chihuahua, 9.65 cm tall, beat a Kentucky pup named Boo Boo — who was the size of a thumb when she was born — for the new smallest dog living in terms of height record. Milly lives in Puerto Rico and her owners say they have to be careful no one steps on her.

Milly joins other remarkable creatures, such as an itty bitty 64.2 cm donkey and Osbert Humperdinck Pumpernickle, a collie who tightrope-walked 3.5 m in 18.22 seconds, according to the Telegraph.

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Gliding alongside his colleague in the four-legged category is a skateboarding goat named Happie, who's quite a diva, her owner says. Not to discount the human achievers, contortionist Leilani Franco can truthfully say she earned a world record while bent in half, drinking tea with her feet. Machine-made records also feature prominently in the 2014 edition, such as the smallest roadworthy car, the biggest motorbike and the largest walking robot.

One of the most eccentric record-holders this year, if it's possible to decide, could be James Brown of Britain, who holds the largest collection of vacuum cleaners.

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