Tim Hortons announces TV channel, Twitter responds favourably

Brett Wolfe says he was told by staff at a Tim Hortons to use a payphone across the street to call 911.

Can you believe it? Tim Hortons turns 50 years old this year.

Yes, they have had about a dozen facelifts over the years, and dramatically increased their menu, but this year they have come up with something completely new.

In February, Tim Hortons coffee shops will be equipped with TimsTV.

TimsTV is an in-restaurant television channel that will be installed at 2,200 locations and aired on Tim Hortons screens.

What a better way to commemorate the technological advances Tim Hortons coffee shops have made over these past fifty years than to launch their very own television channel? Someone at head office is really thinking: Yes … if we stimulate them visually, they’ll stay longer. They’ll eat more and drink more of our addictive coffee … TimsTV ... we can’t go wrong here.

They really can’t. The idea is brilliant in this fast-growing, technology-forward society.

Glenn Hollis, vice-president of brand strategy and guest experience at Tim Hortons says that their guests “have expressed interest in seeing more news, more entertainment, more weather and more Tims." You can’t get that at Starbucks!

Fans of the upcoming TimsTv launch have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions. The feedback has been very positive as well as comedic, voicing opinions on the idea as well as creating clever puns using Tim’s treats. Warning: Some of them are hilarious.

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