Toddler regrets his food choices in ‘Potty Talk’ video

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

The star of this viral video is only three and a half, but he's having some serious regrets about his dietary choices.

This little boy ate everything, he says with exasperation during a one-minute video his mother recorded from outside the bathroom door. He seems to feel the best way to commit to healthier choices is to describe out loud everything he has eaten and state categorically that he'll never do it again, all while on the potty.

"I don't even know why I ate that much food," the boy says, listing the food he's eaten, which includes apple, poutine, cheese string, pickle chips, "chocolate thingies," and more chocolate thingies.

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The video was posted in February but it's gone viral this week, racking up more than 443,000 views on YouTube.

"He doesn't eat like this every day!" the description on the video says. "After a long day of ice skating we had a hankering for some French-Canadian poutine. He snuck in a few snacks from the pantry..."

Right this Minute interviewed the boy, named Holden, over Skype along with his mother Courtney.

The child in another junk-food video from several years ago, Capucine, isn't suffering from indigestion so much as a looming sense that sad is going to catch her and mom digging into the candy bin. Quick, hide the evidence!