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Toilet squirrel rises from a Winnipeg bathroom to social media fame

Winnipeg's sewage system has gone squirrely.

A woman in the Manitoba capital woke up on Wednesday morning to a squirrel thrashing around inside her toilet, apparently covered in sewage, according to the Canadian Press.

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Angela Campbell told the news wire she plucked the critter from inside the toilet bowl using barbecue tongs. Video footage shows the rodent looking weak and resigned to its bath as Campbell tries to wash off its sewage stench with a small bucket.

Campbell said she put the squirrel outside and the last she saw was it was sitting on a fence post. A local plumber told the CBC he was amazed the animal didn't drown.

This isn't the first toilet squirrel but it's probably the first to have a Twitter account. @ToiletSquirrel already has nearly 100 followers and no shortage of rodent-related sewage jokes.

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Despite the sudden popularity of toilet squirrels, the owner of a Winnipeg pest control business told The Canadian Press people are more likely to find a rat in a toilet than a squirrel. That's comforting.


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