Toronto Batman makes people laugh during night out

Toronto filmmakers initially set out to make another one of those "S!*& ___ Says" using a person dressed up as Batman, but lucky for us they did much more.

According to the YouTube page on the video "Batman's Night Out", the people responsible for creating the video realized "once we got out in the world, it turned into a much, much bigger phenomenon."

What Sean Ward, a Toronto-based comic book writer who also makes movies and shows, and his fellow filmmakers created was Batman wandering around Toronto yelling at random people, opening his cape and play fighting a kid. In many cases he says famous lines from The Dark Knight, but sometimes he just says random things like asking a TTC collector to purchase tokens.

While some people were scared when he came out of nowhere and yelled a line, many including some cops who asked for a picture, found the act really funny.

Toronto Batman also comes with an accompanying Facebook page and Twitter account. This isn't the first time he's been out and about in Toronto. Late last year he showed up at the auditions for Canada's Got Talent.

According to his Facebook page, episode two will include the Joker and the Penguin. Toronto Batman is also trying to make a new rule stating that Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson can no longer work or live in Toronto. The Big Smoke's caped crusader is on the lookout for an agent.