Toronto driver finds parking ticket on car disabled by flash floods

Toronto driver finds parking ticket on car disabled by flash floods

Flooding drenched the city of Toronto on Monday evening, creating traffic nightmares, but one driver is feeling hung out to dry after officers slapped his abandoned car with a parking ticket.

The Toronto Star reported Tim Rivers found his car soaking in knee-deep water on Monday and pushed the damaged vehicle out of a flooded lot onto drier land.

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Rivers told the Star officers then said to leave the car overnight rather than call a tow truck immediately.

High water aside, diligent parking officers apparently weren't told not to ticket the stranded car. Rivers told the newspaper he found a $105 fine glaring from his windshield on Tuesday.

Miffed that he now has a fine along with a damaged car, Rivers said he won't be paying the ticket.

A Toronto lawyer's reaction to his own car troubles had social media users fascinated during the flood. Howard Levitt's $200,000 Ferrari became stuck on a flooded road as he drove toward the airport.

But this lawyer had places to go, Ferrari or not. He abandoned the sports car and scrambled to Ottawa to work his case, wet clothes and all, according to the National Post. After all, he had insurance.

Images of the mighty Ferrari sinking pathetically into rising flood waters quickly circulated the web as people asked who on earth would abandon such a pricey vehicle.

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The Post reported a tow truck removed the car at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Levitt says he won his case.

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