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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford remixes hit the web

Toronto's crack cocaine-smoking Mayor Rob Ford is a viral sensation this week.

Now that the late-night talk shows and headlines alike have taken a crack at him, it's time for a wave of Ford-themed memes and remixes to hit the web.

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We've rounded up some of the catchiest, weirdest and craziest Ford clips trending right now, starting with DJ Steve Porter's remix using the latest Ford lines. The popular U.S.-based DJ set this oddly-calming video to Jay Z's Tom Ford.

 Be sure to check out this political take on Ylvis's viral song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?).

Want more? If you are ready to celebrate Toronto's milestone as it gets to take Amsterdam's lead place as the city known for its drugs, check out the following WTFBrahh remix of Ford's past crack cocaine-themed comments:

And here's a Kiss 92.5 take on that same Ford speech — recorded in May — denying crack cocaine use.

A Drunken Stupors music video by Deadspin, that can be viewed here, is already quoting the mayor's “I have nothing left to hide” confessional statement from Monday.

Tired of hearing the words “crack cocaine”? Ford's time in office has also been marked by a dramatic debate over a subway extension. Here's a remix of the mayor's passionate statement on the issue:

If you really like to hear the word "subway," get ready to reach total bliss with this 10-minute video stringing together the various times the mayor said it on camera.

Have you seen other great Ford remixes? Share them with us in the comments below.

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