Toronto student slapped with $663 Uber charge seeks help with crowdfunding campaign

I don’t feel bad for you. You had to accept two warnings and have fare estimate available as well.


Anyone who has used Uber is probably well aware of its surge prices, which take into affect when rides are in particularly high demand.

Halloween night, for example, would be a perfect example of a night in which a ride with Uber might cost a bit more than it typically would. And, unfortunately, one Toronto student had to learn this lesson the hard way.

After enjoying the Halloween festivities in Toronto’s Entertainment District, the student decided to use the Uber Black service to hitch a ride home to Brampton, a suburb northwest of the city. That was his first mistake.

Being that it was in deed a busy night, the normal fare was hit with a x3.6 surge charge. And as you can see from the picture above, the student, who City News has called Daniel U, had accepted the extra charge at 2:18 that evening. Mistake number two.

The grand total for his late-night ride home: $663. Oof!

In light of this, Daniel U is seeking help with the bill in the form of a Gofundme page, and needless to say, people aren’t exactly queuing up to help the poor guy.

At the time of this story’s publication, the page had only received one donation of $5. It appears that while some might feel bad for Daniel, others don’t have an ounce of sympathy to spare.

“Are you for real?” wrote one commenter on the Gofundme page. “You chose to take Uber, selected the most expensive type of vehicle, accepted a surge charge (which they ask you TWICE to accept) on Halloween and you want us to pay your bill?”

“I don’t feel bad for you,” wrote another. “You had to accept two warnings and have fare estimate available as well.”

Looks like Daniel will have to go back to traditional means of crowdfunding and ask his parents for a little help with the bill.