Toronto videographer helps skunk with head stuck in cup

Toronto videographer helps skunk with head stuck in cup

A skunk became a little too immersed in its Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino Tuesday morning, according to footage captured by a CBC videographer.

Tony Smyth was working overnight when he saw a struggling skunk on the road near highway 401 and Don Mills Road in Toronto, according to CBC. He filmed while City TV camera person Bert Dandy ran onto the road to help the animal before it was run over by a car.

City TV uploaded the video, which shows the poor little skunk stumbling around the middle of road with a plastic Iced Cappuccino container stuck on its head. Thankfully for this skunk rescuer, the animal didn't spray him with its smelly defense mechanism, according to City TV.

Smyth told CBC the skunk had been bumping into curbs because the cup was blocking its vision.

This isn't the first time humans have come to the rescue of animals that got stuck in a pickle.

Last month, two men in Russia saved a fox cub with its head stuck in a bottle after the animal walked up to them wriggling to get free. A video showed one of the men grasping the fox by its neck and sliding the bottle off before it scurried away.

And in Australia, a cow recently found its head stuck in a toilet.