Trucker finds emu wandering along B.C. logging road

This emu was spotted wandering along a B.C. logging road. (Courtesy Juan Huidoboro )

A feathered Australian tourist took a stroll on a BC logging road on Monday, making a B.C. trucker wonder if he was really seeing an emu cross the road.

CBC News reported Juan Huidoboro was driving on a road near Prince George, B.C., when a message on the radio told him to watch for an emu. He thought it must have been a joke, but shortly afterward, a large Australian bird appeared before his truck.

He even photographed the bird on its walkabout and submitted the pictures to CBC.

Huidoboro told the broadcaster a man was out searching for the emu later in the day. He said he was watching to see if the wandering bird re-emerged, hopefully without a coyote on its tail.

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An escaped emu in Arizona created a wild police chase in June when the animal tried to evade police. Ichabod, a privately-owned emu in Tempe, AZ, broke free from his pen on June 12, according to ABC.

Police told ABC they chased the emu, jumped on him and tried to return him safely to his owners. However, the stifling Arizona heat and the stressful chase killed poor Ichabod.

At 35 years old, Phoenix Zoo keepers said Ichabod was a senior citizen in the emu world.

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