Tuxedo Stan a purr-fect candidate for mayor of Halifax

Finally, a politician everyone — except dog-lovers, maybe — can support.

Tuxedo Stan, a three-year-old cat, is looking to claw his way to the mayor's chair of Halifax, N.S.

Stan's campaign slogan — "Because neglect isn't working" — reflects his key campaign issue: getting a city-sponsored spay, neuter and cat care program for Halifax.

"There are literally thousands of homeless cats - feral and abandoned - who live by their willpower in the back alleys and streets and bushes in HRM," Hugh Chisholm, Tuxedo Stan's campaign manager and owner told the Halifax ChronicalHerald. "There is very little people can do if they want to help, because there is no pound. If there's a lost or injured dog, you can call the pound and they will come and take the dog and give it a place to stay, and some food and care. But if you do the same thing with a cat, you get nothing, because there's nothing in place."

It's something the handsome Stan knows all too well, being born of a feral mother.

Since the Tuxedo Party of Canada was founded in June, Stan has garnered over 2,300 fans on his Facebook page, which he diligently updates when he's not busy campaigning or napping.

And Stan's popularity has gone international, appearing everywhere from CTV News to Sky News Arabia. Tuxedo Stan posters and buttons can be found at local Pet Valu stores.

Sadly, Stan won't be able to follow in the paw-prints of Stubbs, the mayor of Talkeeta, Alaska, who has held office for 15 years, because cats aren't allowed to hold office in Nova Scotia.

But enough write-in votes should do enough to raise attention to Stan's feline sanctuary cat ... er ... platform.